Christmas Gift Basket with 34oz French Press
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       A gift basket - just in time for Christmas!!!

One 8oz bag of The First Christmas, one 8oz bag of The Washington (or any other flavor you desire), a coffee mug, and one bag of Coffee Drops.  We've even included a 34oz French press from Ikea to help get your loved one started down the path toward a wonderful gourmet cup of coffee.*

[All orders in the Des Moines area can be personally delivered]

All Gift Basket orders will ship around or just before December 14th to insure delivery by Christmas.

 *We will probably get a bit creative in how we purchase the mugs and gift trays. The gift basket and mug will likely be a different color and shape than what is in the photo. We will try to keep the site updated with a current view of the entire gift package.

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Christmas Gift Basket with 34oz French Press

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