APR Body Sampler
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 This is the perfect sampler if you want to try a little of all APR has to offer... for only $25 INCLUDING shipping!!!


1 8oz bag of The Franklin

1 9oz bag of Coffee Drops

Both of our brand new APR Body Franklin soaps - the glycerin & triple butter.

In case you missed them elsewhere - here are descriptions of all three:


The Franklin Coffee:

While not a president (unless you count his term as President of Pennsylvania) Franklin's contributions to America are priceless: “The First American” was an inventor, author, ambassador, statesman and scientist. The Franklin is a Colombian bean, French roasted in honor of Franklin's service as US Minister to France. This coffee would be great for espresso, or served with Sunday brunch.

Coffee Drops:

French roasted coffee beans and cinnamon, finely ground and mixed together with melted milk chocolate and butterscotch to form the perfect bite-sized treat.

They're kind of like chocolate covered espresso beans - only with a lot more flavor and no gritty after-taste.

[We recommend freezer storage so they're crisp & crunchy - they also keep longer frozen]


APR Body:

Our APR Body Coffee Soaps are free from harmful ingredients and chemical fragrances. Each Glycerin bar is free of all detergents.

Each three butter bar includes the moisturizing properties of Shea butter, cocoa butter, and mango butter.

This soap has a creamy lather with 100% of the lather coming from the saponification of natural oils.  APR’s Franklin blend coffee is ground extra fine and added to the soap providing the benefits of reducing redness and inflammation, exfoliates, tightens, and brightens the skin, reduces eye puffiness, shines, enhances the color, and stimulates hair growth. You also get that bold APR coffee aroma - a fresh and clean start to your day!



  *** If you would like to try an exclusive new #APRgold coffee AND help an awesome non-profit organization, click on the Leigh’s Blend box right under the “Grind Type” box.  Leigh’s Blend is a pound of amazing full city roasted, single origin Kenyan beans at a reduced price AND we will donate the ENTIRE $12 of each pound sold to Leigh’s Mission. Here’s an excerpt of the label for Leigh’s Blend so you can get an idea of both the Mission and the coffee:


A modern day tale of triumph over tragedy - Andra Good has turned the tragic death of her friend into an incredible organization that is changing lives all over the world. In honor of the legacy Leigh Ann Tonkinson has left behind, this exclusive APR offering is a powerful blend of Kenyan beans— full bodied with a complex molasses tone and roasted just dark enough to draw out their finest flavor. 


For more information, check out Leigh’s Mission HERE!

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APR Body Sampler

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