At The Mic Macadamia Nut - 1lb

APR takes pride in their unique blends – even the concept is different; taking a common thing, coffee, and pairing it with extraordinary people, from George Washington and Calvin Coolidge to Doc Thompson, to create unique historical blends.

At The Mic (with Keith Malinak) is about ordinary people doing extraordinary things – a uniquely American concept. So, it’s only natural to have a coffee that celebrates the subtle difference makers in our lives.

A full city plus (which is not quite dark roasted) blend of Guatemalan beans and premium macadamia flavor.  At The Mic Blend is rich and bold without being overwhelming, you’ll catch hints of caramel, roasted grains, and enough macadamia flavor to create an exciting, full bodied cup.


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At The Mic Macadamia Nut - 1lb

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