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If you love our coffee and want to try something new every month it's time for you to join the American Pride Roasters Coffee Club!!!


Every month we will send you 1-3 pounds of our featured coffee and ALL Coffee Club prices INCLUDE SHIPPING.

Our featured coffee for February is a special blend of the Silent Cal!

We have changed a few rules in order to make the Coffee Club even better! Joining the American Pride Roasters Coffee Club is simple.  All you need to do is select the amount of coffee you wish to receive each month and begin the checkout process. When the time comes to charge your card again, we will contact you for your credit card information. We will need to keep your payment information on file in order to create the recurring charges.

As part of the American Pride Roasters coffee club you will receive some very special benefits:


Free coffee and Coffee Drops for advance Coffee Club purchase.

3 months advance purchase = 1 free 1/2lb & 1 bag of Coffee Drops.

6 months advance purchase = 1 free pound & 2 bags of Coffee Drops.

12 months advance purchase = 1 1/2 free pounds & 3 bags of Coffee Drops (and you are free to choose which coffees and coffee drops, as well as when you want to receive your free goodies throughout the year)

Occassional test products and special Coffees available only to Coffee Club members.


A double order in December for Christmas so you can share your favorite coffee with family and friends (as long as you've been in the Coffee Club for at least 6 months).


Our undying appreciation and gratitude for your business!


****Please note the following information****


If you want beans instead of ground coffee on the months we feature an unflavored coffee, please let us know and we will ship those months whole bean instead of ground.


All American Pride Roasters Coffee Club orders will ship the first week of every month unless otherwise specified. If you sign up after the first week of the month – don't worry – we will still ship your first month's order ASAP and add you to our club roles for regular delivery the following month.


Attention - Des Moines Area customers:

All Des Moines area customers get a 10% discount monthly (due to reduced local shipping costs) AND if you pick up your coffee we will include a additional 1/2lb of the featured coffee FREE!!! 

Let us know if you want shipping or direct pickup in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS box when you complete your order.


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