Frederick Douglass - 1lb
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“I would unite with anybody to do right & with nobody to do wrong”

Abolitionist, statesman, minister, and perhaps the most brilliant mind of the 19th century; it is almost impossible to overstate the value of Frederick Douglass to our nation.

Douglass educated himself, orchestrated his own escape from slavery, and authored a bestselling autobiography by his late 20s. He became a leader in the abolitionist movement and was recognized nationwide for his eloquence and powerful oratory skills.

In honor of this great American, The Frederick Douglass is a special microlot from Colombia. This coffee, like its namesake, is complex in flavor, bold yet amazingly smooth, with a pleasing sweet chocolate caramel finish that will energize your day.            

We only have 50 pounds of this coffee - dont miss out!!!



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Frederick Douglass - 1lb

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