Sometimes weird, usually entertaining, always unique….

Off Track Syndicate is THE SHOW to end your week

(or begin it, if you go that way)

The Off Track blend is a tribute to the show. A blend of the best beans we have in stock at the time. Every order will be a little different (sometimes a lot different) but it will always be bold & tasty—just like the Off Track Gang!

Check them out LIVE Sundays at 8pm et on!

***Don't worry, The Off Track Blend is not going to be a hodgepodge of leftover beans. It's not the 'fruit punch' of APR Coffee! Rather, every blend will be the BEST of what we have. We will work to keep it from swinging wildly in flavor (no super light or super dark roasts), just remember that it will change frequently.



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Off Track Blend

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