On The Roof  ($20 - Same as Downtown) 1lb
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Twenty Bucks - Same As Downtown

 We decided a while ago that, if we were going to do a tribute coffee for Doc, it would only be with the most unique and special of beans. We happened upon a Kenyan microlot entirely by mistake but one taste convinced us this was the right choice!

This coffee is one of the tastiest beans we have ever offered - malty molasses, brown sugar, and even a hint of raspberry are present in the cup!

Due to the incredible popularity of On The Roof we have continued to offer it beyond the initial 100 pounds. It may taste slightly different from time to time but we have a great source for premium Kenyan beans and will continue to offer it as long as we can  closely replicate the original beans.


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On The Roof ($20 - Same as Downtown) 1lb

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