Skip Lacombe's Super Smooth Cold Brew- Red & White Edition - 1lb
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The name may sound European but this coffee is 100% American. Premium Hawaiian coffees from Maui, Skip’s Super Smooth Cold Brew is French roasted and ground for a long night’s brew in your fridge. It’s the perfect beverage to sip while wondering where Skip will land as he sails the digital Seven Seas

 [Skip's coffees are also great with a drip maker - or pretty much any prep method!]

Red Edition Skip is a Red Cattura bean from Maui.  The White Edition Skip is a TERRIFIC Maui mokka bean that's very small in size but big in flavor and aroma - it's a terrific and unique bean.. We've raised the price a little to cover the added cost of the mokka but we've brought in some amazing new beans!

Cold brewing coffee is very simple and results in a smooth yet rich cup of coffee. To cold brew, you can use a French press, a Toddy Cold Brewer, or even a nutmilk bag. 1-2 oz of coffee per quart of water,12-18 hours of steep time in your fridge, and you have a delicious cold brew ready to go. (yes, the directions are vague - you need to experiment some to find what tastes best to you. And yes, you can microwave that cup of cold brew and it still tastes excellent.)

Here is a great article that shows the cold brewing process:


  *** If you would like to try an exclusive new #APRgold coffee AND help an awesome non-profit organization, click on the Leigh’s Blend link below!  Leigh’s Blend is a pound of amazing full city roasted, single origin Kenyan beans at a reduced price AND we will donate the ENTIRE $14 of each pound sold to Leigh’s Mission. We cannot ship Leigh's Blend without an additional coffee, tea, or Coffee Drop purchase (that helps us cover our shipping and production costs).

Here is an excerpt from the label:

A modern day tale of triumph over tragedy - Andra Good has turned the tragic death of her friend into an incredible   organization that is changing lives all over the world. In honor of the legacy Leigh Ann Tonkinson has left behind, this exclusive APR offering is a powerful blend of Kenyan beans— full bodied with a complex molasses tone and roasted just dark enough to draw out their finest flavor. 


For more information, check out Leigh’s Mission HERE!

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Skip Lacombe's Super Smooth Cold Brew- Red & White Edition - 1lb

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