Skip's Super Smooth All American Sampler
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Skip's Super Smooth All American Sampler is an 8oz bag of all three editions - Red, White & Blue. We have a limited supply of all three coffees - get your All American Sampler of Skip Lacombe's Super Smooth Cold Brew now and save a dollar while you still can!

Cold brewing coffee is very simple and results in a smooth yet rich cup of coffee. To cold brew, you can use a French press, a Toddy Cold Brewer, or even a nutmilk bag. 1-2 oz of coffee per quart of water,12-18 hours of steep time in your fridge, and you have a delicious cold brew ready to go. (yes, the directions are vague - you need to experiment some to find what tastes best to you. And yes, you can microwave that cup of cold brew and it still tastes excellent.)

Here is a great article that shows the cold brewing process:

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Skip's Super Smooth All American Sampler

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