The Boston Tea Party (1.5oz)
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It was an act of defiance—the protest of yet another tax from an oppressive regime on the other side of the ocean. On December 16th, 1773, the Sons of Liberty lit the fire that became the  American Revolution when they tossed an entire shipment of British tea into the Boston Harbor.

APR embraces that same rebellious streak – with our coffee, and now with TEA! The Boston Tea Party is made from the dried fruit of Hawaiian coffee trees, along with a black tea blend acai berry, nutmeg and a hint of cinnamon. This is a bright tea with pronounced berry flavors and it has a unique American quality that we love!


[Water temp: 212F      Steep time: 5-7min]


The price is per 1.5oz. Smaller quantities will come in individual bags - larger quantities will come in 6x9" bags. A 1.5oz bag will provide several cups of tea

 This is a loose leaf tea. If you need an infuser, we have them available through the link below.

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The Boston Tea Party (1.5oz)

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