The Philip Mazzei - Chocolate Biscotti - 1lb
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Lesser known but very important to American history, Philip Mazzei was an Italian physician and close personal friend of Thomas Jefferson. Mazzei and Jefferson even started the first commercial vineyard in Virginia and Mazzei worked a small experimental farm on Monticello. 

The phrase "all men are created equal," in the Declaration of Independence, likely came from Mazzei's correspondence with Jefferson in the early 1770s.

During the American Revolution, Mazzei operated as a secret agent in Italy, purchasing and shipping weapons to the Colonial Army. After the war he traveled throughout Europe promoting Republican ideals and even wrote a history of the American Revolution.

The Philip Mazzei is a full city roasted blend coated with a chocolate biscotti flavoring - the perfect Italian name for an awesome Italian flavored coffee!


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The Philip Mazzei - Chocolate Biscotti - 1lb

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