Thomas Paine - 1lb

These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier, the sunshine patriot…. The perfect combination of linguistic elegance and raw conviction, Thomas Paine was the voice of the American Revolution.

In this new American Crisis, there will be times when your soul is tired and you will need a strong pick-me-up. Reach for some Thomas Paine – 50% smooth and elegant Guatemalan beans and 50% raw, strong Vietnamese robusta beans, which are double the caffeine of Arabica beans. If you believe “we have it in our power to begin the world over again,”  begin your journey with the Thomas Paine.


***Sometimes, more than a little of a good thing quickly becomes too much. For those of you who wish to abandon Common Sense, we also offer a Thomas Paine remix - The Age of Reason. 100% dark roasted robusta beans. Like its namesake, we feel The Age of reason is too strong and borders on dangerous. If you want a wildly strong cup, and you don’t fear losing your soul, click on The Age of Reason option above and pray you avoid Paine’s fate!***

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Thomas Paine - 1lb

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