Washington Crossing the Delaware (1lb)

“First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen.”

Christmas night—when Americans today are peacefully at rest after another holiday, the man who would become our first president was, in 1776, boldly crossing an icy river on a dark night, whcihc proved he would take any measure to win our battle for independence.

We honor Washington’s life of service to freedom and liberty with an amazingly tasty, full city roasted bean from Ecuador. This is a small offering microlot- we have a very limited stock!

Expect a full body, very smooth mouthfeel, and just a hint of cocoa coming naturally from this bean!

***We only have 35lb available of this run!*** 

***Special!!! Add 1lb of A Time For Choosing - The Reagan and get both amazing coffees for $40!***                                                  


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Washington Crossing the Delaware (1lb)

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